Innovation Systems Approach

Effective innovation strategy starts here

Corporations, governments, universities, associations, NGOs, startups and SMEs alike need to get more practical and much faster in how they generate, apply and measure innovation to stimulate real impact. 


Assess quickly the state of your own innovation ecosystem.


Build a realistic pathway to the chosen and desired future.


Leave the diffficult conversations and group dynamics to us.


Design and pilot innovation programs delivering the strategy.


Build practical capability / skills to continue with impact. 

Why partner with us?

Because you will progress and get results faster. Because it will bring you a better return on your investment. 

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We prepare quotes that are fast, final, obligation free and RFQ, RFP, panel-ready.

Dedicated Manager

Each customer and project has a dedicated manager to address all issues arising.

Custom Approach

Our services will be 100% customised to your unique circumstances and needs. 

Higher ROI

We will work with you to predict and show your ROI for each of our joint projects.

Who benefits from our innovation practice?

Unlocking the collaboration potential of

Academia & Research

We believe that 10% improvement in University-Industry collaborations can double the volume of research funding. 

We will work with your institution to map, benchmark and evaluate your entrepreneurship, innovation and tech transfer practices. We will then activate your ecosystem partners to co-design programs that create pathways for your researchers and students to have impact outside academia while creating lasting relationships for your institution with the industry.

Driving innovation demand by activating

Government & agencies

Governments at all levels must play a more significant role in stimulating innovation driven economic growth. 

In working with your organisation, we will apply our extensive international experience in innovation & growth policy and practice, sector / regional innovation systems, clusters and networks, business climate evaluations, investment and trade promotion programs,  start-up ecosystem cultivation, innovation challenges, hackathons and innovation-focused place marketing.

Introducing lean and open innovation to

Businesses & corporates

Is your business leveraging shared value throu open, entrepreneurial innovation? We can work with you to evaluate, (re-)design and launch your business innovation system for the future.

Lean Startup inspired innovation systems for corporates are proven to find new products and build resilience into your corporate behavirous.

Highly practical ways to leverage innovation challenges, hackathons, co-design labs, and other types of collaborative innovation.

Helping to find and shape a new generation of

Entrepreneurs & innovators

There is a new breed of entrepreneurs and innovators. They look beyond profit. They build purpose into how they structure and operate their businesses. They are diverse, inclusive and practice conscious capitalism. And we certainly need them to find new and perhaps unexplored ways to address some of the biggest issues of our time. 
Idea validation, customer development, prototyping, market testing,  minimum viable products, business model canvas and lean canvas, pitch planning and practice. We can help you with those. All you need to focus on is how to "change the world for the better."

Innovation Systems Services

The future of innovation is collaborative, open and networked. But being open can be scary, collaboration is not intuitive and networks are almost impossible to manage.

We will help you find, understand and unleash the key system elements that underpin productive innovative collaboration. More resilience to uncertainty. More open innovation. More sharing. More synergy. Greater and more win-wins. Collaboration that unlocks the real power of networks.

Analyses & Studies

Value-added research and analytical work. Expert insights. Powerful visualisations.

Surveys & Discovery

Online interactive and offline surveys. Face-to-face interviews. Statistical and qualitative analysis. 

Strategy & Planning

Advanced, modern strategic planning methodologies & frameworks. Practical, results oriented approach.

Program Co-design

Needs assessment, project/program scoping, co-design, piloting, rapid evaulation and adaptation. 

Pilots & Program Delivery

Program delivery with your teams, your industry or mixed target audiences across your innovation ecosystem. 

Facilitation & Training

Facilitation of complex, multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives. World-class innovation training.

Incubation & Acceleration

Cohort based or individual coaching and mentoring of your teams that work on startups or innovation projects.

Tools & Workshops

Unique tools and pre-built as well as bespoke workshops that empower your teams to innovate more effectively.

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